Editorial Policies

Horizon Publisher India (HPI) provides immediate free open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. The major emphasis is laid on inter-disciplinary nature of the work. The main criteria for acceptance of the articles are novelty, clarity, and significance as relevant to a better understanding of the experimental biology and agricultural sciences. The entire Journal published by HPI complies with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ uniform requirements for manuscripts.

Conflicts of interest and financial disclosures

Conflicts may be financial, academic, commercial, political or personal. Financial interests may include employment; research funding (received or pending), stock or share ownership, patents, payment for lectures or travel, consultancies, non financial support, or any fiduciary interest in a company. When any author(s) has such type of financial or personal obligation, it is required to mention such potential conflict of interest along with financial interests and related affiliations (other than those affiliations listed in the title page of the manuscript) relevant to the subject of their manuscript. For all accepted manuscripts, author must declare such conflicts of interest at the end of the manuscript before the manuscript publish. Author without a conflict of interest should include a statement that no such conflicts exist.

Funding / Support and Role of sponsor

All the author(s) who have received financial assistance for carried out research work and publication should be described clearly in an Acknowledgment section of the manuscript.

Data access and responsibility

Regardless of funding source for any manuscript containing original data, corresponding author must indicate in acknowledgement section that he/ she “had full access to all the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis”. Modified statements or generic statements indicating that all authors had such access are not acceptable.

Acknowledgment section

The acknowledge section should be at the end of the manuscript text but before the reference section. It should includes the list of contributor(s), information on author access to data, conflicts of interest including financial interests and relationships, sources of funding and support like information’s. Authors should obtain written permission from all individuals whose names included in the Acknowledgment section and the corresponding author must confirm that such permission has been obtained in the Authorship Form.


Author should make clear that manuscripts submitted to the journal for consideration of publication should not be previously publish anywhere either in print or electronic format. Submitted manuscript should not be under consideration by another publication or electronic medium. Copies of related or possibly duplicate materials (i.e. those containing substantially similar content or using the similar data) that have been previously published or are under consideration elsewhere are coming in the plagiarism and such manuscript will be rejected on the first step of publication.

Ethical approval of studies and informed consent

For all manuscripts reporting data from studies involving human participants or animals, formal review and approval, or formal review and waiver, by an appropriate institutional review board or ethics committee is required. For investigations involving humans, state in the Methods section whatever oral or written informed consent was obtained from the study participants. Editors may request that authors provide documentation of the formal review and recommendation from the institutional review board or ethics committee responsible for oversight of the study.

Human and Animal Rights, and Informed Consent

All the articles that are submitted for consideration of publication in the Journal associated with the Horizon Publisher India must comply with the guidelines for human studies and animal welfare regulations. Authors should declare the statement of human and animal rights containing the information that subjects have followed the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human and animal research (Institutional and National level or Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000 and 2008). In case of any doubt regarding the Helsinki declaration study must include a statement that affirms the experiments were performed with prior informed consent (written or verbal, as appropriate) from each participant.

Mechanisms for ensuring the quality of published articles

To ensuring the scientific quality of published articles, all the submitted articles are scrupulously peer reviewed by high quality researchers, editorial and advisory team to accept the high quality submissions and the quality is controlled by the Editor(s)-in-Chief or subject editors. All the members of editorial are experts in their field from various countries and regions around the world. These members are well qualified and have high level publication experience expert. The published articles reflect the up-to-date research findings, with reliable results, objective and un-biased discussion of the results. The highest quality standards are achieved by following the guide line of Ensuring that Publications and Other Materials Released from UNESCO Meet Appropriate Quality Standards.

Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

All the journal published by HPI strictly following the guide line of PRINCIPLES OF TRANSPARENCY AND BEST PRACTICE IN SCHOLARLY PUBLISHING describe by Directory of Open Access Journal available on https://doaj.org/bestpractice.